Monday, 15 November 2010

Leo Fox Issue 1 sent to Ka-Blam for Print

With great trepidation and excitement I can finally announce that Leo Fox Issue 1 has been sent to the printer. We've chosen Ka-Blam Digital Printing to do the job for a few reasons. Ka-Blam specialise in printing comic books (unlike similar services based here in the UK) and they have a reputation for turning out brilliant colours.

They'll also take care of a lot of the business stuff - they'll allocate us an ISBN number and bar code and we'll be able to sell the comic via their sister site Indy Planet. We can even distribute through their distro outfit Comics Monkey.

We're really, really, really excited about seeing the final version in print.

It's really happening! Take a look at this. Proof that order 22158 is in the system.

What happens next?

The guys at Ka-Blam have to get around to servicing our order, downloading our files and prepping them on their system.

Then we will order a proof copy, which will probably take weeks to cross the atlantic.

I'm hoping we'll see Leo Fox in print before the end of 2011.

Fingers crossed!

If you're thinking of using Ka-Blam - Stay Tuned for a technical post on how we prepped Leo Fox for digital printing - coming soon 'the science bit'

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  1. Good news fellas. Hope it turns out well. I'll purchase a copy once it's available.