Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Unfit Comix throw Leo Fox into the Ring at Talenthouse

Things got pretty exciting today when my illustrator friend Jenny Ball threw me a link to a SWEET competition at the Talenthouse Web site. Apparently they are offering a publishing deal on the new digital comics platform Graphic.ly and a mentoring session from a comics pro - Jim Mahfood for the best project to enter.

Well now, I did enter that competition faster than you can say - how does one enter? It's done. We are in the ring and ready to do battle with three of our best pages uploaded for voting. Choosing the pages was pretty tough but I think the pages I put up best reflect the narrative, the drama and the art. I'm hopeful that Mahfood will get the project because he's all into street art and such and we have that vibe going on.

Anyway, go and see for yourself! If you like the project then vote for it. You will have to sign up to the site to do so but hey, it's a pretty cool site.

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