Sunday, 17 October 2010

New Features for Leo Fox Comic Blog

You know when you wipe up some gunk in the kitchen and you realise you've made a clean spot? And then you have to do the whole kitchen? That's pretty much what happened here at the Mysterious Leo Fox Comic blog. I lost the html for the old layout so I had to bend my head round the hideous new blogger layout designer.

How do you win? Nice wide, white space to make it nicer to read! More ways to interact and comment and contribute and download free stuff!

You can now join the site using Google Friend Connect, 'Like' (Me Gusta - It's in Spanish, don't ask me why.) posts on Facebook or 'Tweet' anything that catches your interest. The posts are now getting properly tagged so you can read what interests you more easily without wading through the archive.

That's all! Now back to work. I have sworn before all the gods that Issue 1 will be printed and available to buy from Indy Planet before Christmas. There is much to be done.

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