Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Leo Fox Comic Book Issue 1 Now Available to buy in Print

I received this in my email inbox this morning...


Your comic "The Mysterious Leo Fox - Issue 1" has been added to Ka-Blam's Digital Comics Shops!
Here is the web address to the IndyPlanet listing for your comic-
Yes, that's correct. We are in print! After two years of production you can finally buy and read the printed version of issue one. The cover price is $3.95 but you'll end up paying around $10.00 to ship it to the UK. That works out to about 7.00 GBP. Here it is IN THE SHOP!

The next step for us is to get hold of a copy and assess the quality. If it checks out OK we'll probably order a box full and start targeting blogs and magazines with copies for review.

More on that later.

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