Sunday, 5 December 2010

Leo Fox Comic Book Printed by Ka-Blam - First Proof Arrives

The Proof of the Pudding...

Is in the eating. I staggered home from a friend's house somewhat drunk on London Pride last night to discover a comic book sized cardboard packet had arrived in the post.

After greedily ripping it open with childlike glee this is what I found:

It's an indescribable buzz to see the comic book you have been working on for two years appear in the physical realm as a real object, and a beautiful one at that. The guys at Ka-Blam have done a fantastic job. The colours pop and the atmosphere of the artwork is lifted immensely by getting the darkness into it that you miss on a backlit screen. It's much grittier and tougher than it looks on screen.

Take a look at these shots to see what I mean,

Take a look at some close ups too to get an idea of the detail and quality of the print,

OK I know these quick snaps don't really do it justice but trust me the printing is excellent.

Any problems? Not really, of course there are a few errors but sooner or later you have to just send the damn thing to print. I have been far too obsessed with fine details on this project and going forward I'll try to bear that in mind. It's been a huge learning curve but we cannot take 2 years to make one comic book again so we need to raise our game.

My conclusion at this stage is that print is always going to kick the arse off digital distribution systems. I will perhaps foolishly hang my hat on that right now. It is so much more impressive to hold a printed comic book than it is to read the thing on a computer it's hardly even the same experience at all.

Thanks for reading, and thanks to everyone who voted for us in the competition at Talenthouse.

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  1. This looks so good. I am desperately excited to get our one now. Paul will probably wet his pants or cry, or both.