Thursday, 13 August 2009

The Elevator Pitch

This is the pitch that we're sending out to publishers...

The Mysterious Leo Fox – A Superhero for 21st Century Britain

The Epic Adventures of a Troubled Rudeboy Wizard on a Cursed and Magical Council Estate

Leo Fox is the Rolling Stones to Harry Potter’s Beatles. Why should fantasy always be set in posh private schools? What if Gandalf was a belligerent alcoholic?

Leo is every boy growing up in an area where you can’t play out after school because it’s too dangerous. Except that in his world ‘Radiant Gardens’ all the mundane horrors of petty crime have taken on the aspect of epic fantasy.

Leo is a classic superhero series with enough high octane action for the younger audience but the added depth of a richly textured story world, with real character development, tough questions raised and an emotional reality rendered.

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