Sunday, 26 July 2009

The Crunch

Every project has a crunch. No matter how informal or hobbyist your approach might be, sooner or later the crunch time comes. Right now i'm right in the middle of it. Having received all the final artworks from our illustrious pencil man 'Pabbers' I am about half-way through laying out the pages and putting in the ballooning and lettering. This is time-consuming (for a first timer like myself) in spite of shortcuts gleaned from blending fonts and handwriting with hand-drawn balloons.

Even so, what's all the rush? Well, apart from the fact that we'd quite like to finish the work before we die we now have a more external deadline. My comrade 'P Wheeler' is a grafter (hard worker) and as such when he found himself without employment in his chosen field (character animation) he simply took his 25 years of education and his MSC down the pub and started grafting (working) behind the bar.

He's also a great one for chatting up strangers and this has resulted in a fantastic opportunity for the team! Paul serendipitously got talking to a publisher who just happens to publish the occasional avant garde graphic novel and lined us up with a pitch. (no names yet - don't want to jinx it.)

So basically we have to get a rock solid pitch in the man's inbox by Friday coming. And I have 12 pages left to complete. So I shan't be posting any more this month! But I will talk more and indeed probably far too much in August. In the meantime, in the interest of maintaining your interest dear reader, I post a recent version of our front cover...

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