Wednesday, 28 July 2010

The Fun Bit

One of my favourite parts of this process is seeing initial sketches come back from Paul and especially when they are new characters I haven't seen yet. Right now, Paul is throwing uploads of page roughs from issue 3 into our secret facebook group from which we manage the project. (Yeah this whole project has been coordinated through FB - Perhaps a subject for another post...)

So I have recently seen Leah Fitz for the first time which was ridiculously exciting for me. I have a strong feeling about her, I think she could grow into a hugely powerful character and a real super villain for our times.

Issue 3 has been much tougher to write than the previous two. The script alone weighs in at 4500 words which is more than double the size of issue 2. I tried to keep it down to 24 pages but I doubt it will fit so issue 3 could well be a bumper size special. Fortunately Paul seems excited enough about the story to carry the extra workload of more pages.  (It is a huge job to water colour every last panel)

I can't say exactly why issue three was so tough to write. Perhaps because our expectations have risen, perhaps because we had to bring satisfying resolution to a complex set of narratives, perhaps because endings  are just hard work. But for all that the fun bit is that much more fun because now I can see it come to life  in Paul's increasingly dynamic sketches.

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