Friday, 16 April 2010

Scripting, Scripting & Scripting Some More

I am currently knee deep in scripting issue three of the series. This process has yet to congeal into anything like a systematic approach. Paul and I are still going back and forth, learning and experimenting and dealing with all the head bending stuff that goes with the territory of "making stuff", "Being Creative" or as David Lynch once tweeted "Objectifying the Subjective."

However, it is tremendously exciting. And by that I mean the story not just the process of creating it. (Although the excitement of the process is I think what gives the final product it's soul.)

What's that? Get specific you say? OK well I can give you some details right now.

Issue three is called "The Rude", and will feature a whole host of new characters including Detective Crowder, Leo's Nan, and finally Leo's arch enemy Dr. Leah Fitz. The story explodes into action from the first page and the plot comes at you like a ninja.

Doing issue three is in a way 'the fun bit' because it's the issue where all the tension built up in the first two issues finally erupts into action.

So I better get on and finish up the script then because I can't wait to see Paul's sketches.

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