Monday, 6 July 2009

Something is happening here...

I realise that I tend to ramble. It's occurred to me that a total stranger to The Mysterious Leo Fox might need some basic questions answered. So, here is the shtick...

What the devil is this?

This is a blog co-written by Pat & Paul, two founder members of the UNFIT production team with the intention of introducing Leo Fox to the world. We will endeavour to make it clear who is writing what. (Basically, the fancy writing is mine. Paul tends to just use one clause sentences.)

Gary Gravel

Who the woozle?

Leo Fox - The Mysterious Rude Boy wizard who inhabits a bizarre council-estate afflicted by terrible anti-reality storms.

How the fudge?

Leo Fox is starring in the first production from UNFIT COMIX. This three part complete story arc is called The Silent, The Sick & The Rude and it is due to be published some time this coming Winter (2009).

Where is it!?

Sorry, you can't read it just yet but we will be posting all manner of sneak previews and related content here in the coming weeks and months. We may even publish the whole comic digitally for you but we need to figure out copyright issues and such first.

Follow us, or they will come for you...

Why should I follow this blog then?

Because we shall reward the faithful. Because we will offer a glimpse into the inner workings of our production process. Because we will (and I promise) update at least bi-monthly with pics, thoughts, story world information, character profiles, secrets and much more.

There you go. Now I can get back to rambling.

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