What is Leo Fox About?

The mysterious Leo Fox is a rudeboy wizard trying to survive life on a cursed council estate. Radiant Gardens was struck by a terrible catastrophe when Leo was still a little boy. A 'reality storm' of epic proportions ripped the housing estate from the fabric of normal reality and left it abandoned, a chunk of south London in the midst of a wild, impenetrable jungle.

During the cataclysm, known to the residents of the estate as 'The Great Delusion' an entire generation disappeared, including Leo's own mother and father who had been out at a rave the night of the first storm.

Leo was struck dumb by the loss of his mother and is now being raised by his Grandma. Radiant Gardens is ruled by the iron fist of Leah Fitz of the Supreme Local Council. Under her rule some degree of normality has been re-established in spite of the nightly reality storms and the 'strange things' that haunt the estate after dark.

Leo is learning an old form of magic from his estranged Grandfather. Is there hope that this magic can somehow restore reality to Radiant Gardens? Maybe if Leo can survive long enough to find out...

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